Our Purpose

The Atlanta Business Growth Team  

We are a strategic and strictly professional B2B referral networking group committed to generating quality introductions and referrals for its members and guests.
We are looking for like minded individuals who believe in the power of networking and who genuinely want to help others succeed.

The Atlanta Business Growth Team, meets every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month
from 11:45AM EST - 1:30 PM EST.


Our Mission

We draw inspiration from the book Give and Take, by Adam Grant.

We believe in and live by the Principle of Reciprocity, and believe that this principle is NOT governed by self-interest.

The best leaders are givers and are always including someone else in their meetings or presentations with others.

Team work without a giving mentality will fall short.

There’s a thin line between a giver and a doormat.

Takers have a unique profile and are easy to spot.